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TinyVideo Spy Cam Kit #5737

Only $60

Tiny, weatherproof black and white spy cam with night-vision and microphone for indoor/outdoor use. Perfect for security or spying at home or office! Easy plug-n-play connections. Just screw camera into wall, attach 80-ft. cable, plug AC adaptor into wall outlet, and plug RCA jacks into TV. Its that simple!


  • Front door surveillance
  • Nanny cam to monitor child care
  • Monitor children or pets in rooms, back yard, or pool area
  • Traffic surveillance
  • Monitor employees
  • Retail business shoplifting prevention
  • Catch a thief
  • Catch a cheating spouse


  • Automatically adjusts from day to night vision for round-the-clock security
  • Weatherproof construction--works in all climate conditions, including rain
  • Built-in microphone lets you perform other tasks while "keeping an ear out" for intruders
  • Closed circuit design plugs into any TV or a dedicated security monitor with RCA audio and video jacks. (TV or monitor sold separately.)
  • Easy "plug and go" installation, includes all mounting hardware

  • SPECS:

  • Resolution: high 400 TV lines black and white; Minimum illumination: 0 Lux.
  • Audio out put: 1/4V RMS (output impedance 18K ohms); Power consumption: approximate 0.3 watts maximum;
  • Camera weight: 3.1 oz. Approx. camera housing dimensions: 2" x 2" x 2".

  • TinyVideo Spy Cam Kit includes camera, AC adaptor, 80-ft. cable, bag of screws, and instructional manual.

    Time from order placement to delivery is approx. 1 week.

    Shipping weight approx. 4 lb. Shipping is by USPS.

    TinyVideo Spy Cam Kit Model #5737
    $60 includes FREE shipping

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